Butchertown Grocery (Louisville, KY)

Decided to take a fairly spontaneous trip to Louisville this weekend for our friend’s birthday. Having lived in Louisville in the past, he recommended Butchertown Grocery. Good call.

Butchertown Grocery is named for a family-owned grocery that used to occupy the building in the early 1900s.

We pulled up around 1:30 on a rainy Saturday afternoon after sitting in standstill traffic on I-64. We hadn’t eaten yet. Maybe not my smartest idea.



Be sure to get reservations ahead of time.

Book reservation at Butchertown Grocery here.



Thankfully, as soon as we walked in, we were gustatorily assaulted (not sure if that’s an actual word, but I like it) with several courses of excellent and unique dishes.

To start, we had what ended up being my favorite dish, the gnocchi. It is a mushroom gnocchi topped with parmigiano-reggiano and a tasty mushroom sauce. I love both gnocchi and mushrooms, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Definitely get this one.

Mushroom gnocchi

Next appetizer (yes, you can get appetizers for lunch, too) was the escargot. A little different than the traditional escargot with garlic, butter, and salt. This version has basil, gruyere, and an herb butter, and is served with a sliced baguette. Not my favorite escargot, but good.


Onto the main dishes.


Main Course

The Butcherblock sandwich was excellent. Cured meats, runny egg, arugula, manchego, and hashbrowns, topped with a chive aioli, on ciabatta bread. Honestly, reading through those ingredients, how can that not be good?

Butcherblock sandwich

The Butchertown eggs benedict was delicious. They substitute pork belly and a truffle bearnaise for the original ingredients. Highly recommend.

Eggs benedict

The chicken and waffles got the laugh of the meal due to its sheer size and being served on a board. Not only did it wow us with its size, but also with its taste! They add chiles, fried rosemary and leeks, and mint to this traditional dish. Split this dish or plan on not eating the rest of the weekend. The chicken and waffles were featured on the Cooking Channel’s “Man’s Greatest Food.”

Chicken and waffles

The last entree was the pecan salad. One of the most off-the-wall salads I’ve ever tried. Candied pecans and a jalapeno bleu cheese ice cream (!!!) top the salad, and covered with a pear-praline vinaigrette. Tasty and very different. Jalapeno bleu cheese ice cream on a salad. I’m really not even sure where to start with that!




With all this talk about the food, I almost forgot to mention the drinks, which were a great accompaniment. Butchertown’s cocktails were even featured on Top Chef: Kentucky as classic Prohibition-era cocktails that were used as inspiration for the elimination challenge! Sold! 

The Angel’s Envy Spritz has, surprise, Angel’s Envy bourbon (it is nearby, after all), cherry heering liqueur, tamarind syrup, ginger, lime, and cava. A lot going on, but really good. 

Angel’s Envy Spritz

The grapefruit mimosa was also great for brunch.

Grapefruit mimosa (and Angel’s Envy Spritz)



Overall, this was an excellent dining experience and a great way to start the Louisville weekend. My only regret is that I didn’t have enough stomach space to try more dishes. I also plan to try their dinner menu at some point. Next time…


Hours: M-F: 11a-2p (lunch) 5p-10p (dinner), Sa-Su: 11a-3p (brunch) 5p-10p (dinner)

Address: 1076 East Washington Street, Louisville, KY 40206

Phone: (502) 742-8315





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